FAQ - Ampère Amsterdam

What is the fit like?
The best things in life happens when you are relaxed. So, if you stick to your true size, Ampère Amsterdam clothing will be a relaxed fit. Don’t worry, if you prefer a more formal fit, just pick a smaller size.

Is there an Ampère store?
Sadly, not (yet). Fortunately, ‘about lifestyle for men’, in Amsterdam,
have the complete Ampère Amsterdam collection in store for you to try on for size.
They even seem to be pretty nice guys, so give it a shot.

Does Ampère clothing shrink in the laundry?
You know what they say, all nice things need to be taken care of. Well okay, maybe they don’t actually say that, but nice fabrics definitely need your extra special care if you want them to stay nice. So to ensure the quality of the items, follow care instructions in each item.

An item is out of stock, will it come back?
It sucks when the item you really want is out of stock, we know. If you send an email to service@ampere.amsterdam, we will get back to you ASAP.

How do I swap my order?
Read our return policy here.