Meet the team - Chapter 02 - Kenneth Wong | Design

Meet the team - Chapter 02 - Kenneth Wong | Design

What was the source of inspiration and idea behind designing the FW22 Earthly Paradise collection?

We approach each collection by defining one hero who was fundamental in art movements. During my research I came across the poem ‘The Earthly Paradise’ by William Morris, who wasn’t only a gifted illustrator and a pioneer in textile art, but also a great writer with wild imaginations. With this in mind, the team wanted to construct a fictional space where creativity is celebrated and encouraged simply for its existence, and that everyone can be (and should be) creative without needing to be perfect. Perfection is boring. Somehow the need to be perfect could backfire and destroy a lot of original ideas from being developed.

Why is art so essential in this creative process? 

I think in art you can find some solace in processing our realities, which creates space for new thoughts.

How does fashion fit into the concept of earthly paradises?

Fashion is a way of expressing our individuality while in this constructed paradise one can be exactly who they want to be or even find their partners in crime in it. 

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

It’s a hard question, but I would say my favourite piece is the earthly paradise embroidered T-shirt. A limited edition of our signature August white Tee with a back embroidered patch depicting a joyful party with lots of cliché Dutch references, inspired by the famous The Garden of Earthly Delights. The artwork is a joint effort of the whole design team. We came up with this idea in Paris during breakfast, I remember, and I am happy it came out exactly how we wanted it.

Where in the collection can we find reflections of earthly paradises?

It's in our customised cotton-blend jacquard which features flower-head men biking down the forest of William Morris signature vines and leaves. We made a kimono and vest out of this fabric. The fabric has the look of those vintage furnishing textiles you see in your grandma's sofa. Such textile carries a certain comfort of old homes and nostalgic memories.  

Another piece would be our Justin patchwork scuba twill bombers with our 'hedonistic' poems embroidered in it, dripping floral patch, and of course, 'Amsterdam' embroidery, the city giving us the energy and fuel to create.

What does your personal earthly paradise look like?

A place where differences of ideas are celebrated and can be blended into one single united force.


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